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10 Popular Books I Haven’t Read (yet)

Hey guys, I am back with a book tag-like thing. I saw it on another blog and thought I’d like to do this too! It’s pretty self-explanatory but I’ll explain anyway (because you know, why not?) Basically I’m just saying 10 different books that are popular and awesome that I haven’t read yet (whoops)

I’ll just get started! (There will be a quick collage of them down below!)


  1. Six of Crows: Man I know people rave about this but I have read the first few chapters a couple of times but just put it back down because I couldn’t be bothered soooo I should probably give that ago again considering I’ve been in a reading mood recently.
  2. A Darker Shade of Magic: I have the whole series on my shelf (I got them for Christmas) but I still haven’t read them, I did open ADSOM once but put it back down because my slump was overwhelming (man, it was so bad) But I will also give this one another try!
  3. Flame in the Mist: I bought this two weeks ago but I was reading CoBaB (I just finished reading this actually – there’s a spoiler-free review on my blog too!) But I have yet to pick it up as I just haven’t been in the mood. I’ve been to busy planning other special things (which you’ll hear about soon enough).
  4. Wolf by Wolf: Although it isn’t as popular as other books here I have seen a far amount of it posted throughout my feed so I did buy it but I haven’t read it yet (so many books bought but are unread, oopsie-daisy. It looks really interesting though so it is on my TBR!
  5. Leah on the Offbeat: SO MANY PEOPLE RAVE ABOUT THIS but yet I actually am not that interested? I’ve been in such a fantasy mood since being out of the slump that I can’t be bothered to read anything other than fantasy (it’s so bad, I know, I know) Eventually I will read it but not in this point of time.
  6. Illuminae: I did start this book and I think I might of made it past the half way mark (?) but it just didn’t click to much so I set it down. I’m sure I will pick it up again because it does have so many reviews and the I do want to buy the rest of the series for their covers (I can’t help it) so I know it will be read soon enough!!
  7. Warcross: I really really want to read this but I haven’t picked it up yet (I’ve been too caught with my actual TBR) But I am planning to buy it next time I am shopping so it won’t be on this list for long!
  8. The Cruel Prince: I actually have this featured on my bookshelf with some merch as I got it in the Fairyloot box but I haven’t read it yet (sadly) I plan on reading it soon but I just find hardcovers hard to read (pun intended) and I don’t want to damage this beauty while bringing it to and from school, you get me? So hopefully I find a way around this, wish me luck.
  9. Nevernight: I haven’t seen it in bookshops near me so I just haven’t really been to bothered to read it with SO MANY BOOKS on my neverending TBR. But now when I come to think of it, I am adding it on there, it sounds pretty cool.
  10. Strange the Dreamer: I have no idea what it’s about and I haven’t read any reviews so it hasn’t been on my TBR – that sounds so cruel oh lord, sorry.

(A quick reference of the above books!)

Thankyou for reading and feel free to tag my in any book tags – I need more things to write!! Comment a popular book you haven’t read yet!

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