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ARC Review!: The Continent by Keira Drake

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Publication Date: 27 March 2018

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi

I received this novel as an ARC review copy and all opinions are my own, as like all my other reviews! Let’s just get straight into it.

(I originally published this review before the publication date but somehow it didn’t go through? I then went on a hiatus and didn’t even check this until recently so here you go!)

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel! It held the perfect amount of creativity and enthusiasm making my experience reading it more enjoyable. The characters were crafted carefully, Vaela (the main character) her transformation from her old pretentious self into the minimalist she is, was magnificent. The minor characters could have been more developed to create a more in-depth knowledge of the fictional world in this novel and by doing this especially in the village would help give an atmosphere of community togetherness and teamwork.


  • I loved the comparison between The Continent and The Spire!
    The different cultures mixed in The Spire showed me how each individual contributed to the world and how different people could cluster and work together. Whereas The Continent is seen as a war zone of the Xoe and the Aven’ei, cultures not willing to mingle and separate their disagreements. It makes you think of our own countries and how they interact with each other.
  • I loved how the ending was completely unpredictable!

Most novels can be predictable to the point and some have vague foreshadowing but Keira did an excellent job at keeping the ending a massive surprise! I won’t say any more about this WE DON’T WANT SPOILERS

  • I also loved how to book wasn’t sugar coated at all!!!!

It made it seem so realistic compared to other action books which are completely sugar-coated and don’t show the truth of war

  • There was great emotional attachment to the characters this book focuses on!

The character development was fantastic! It made you fall in love with each character’s traits and differences and this definitely made me have so many feels HOLY HECK!

  • I LOVED THE COVER OMG IT WAS GORGEOUS (good job to whoever designed this beauty!!!!!)

dislikes AKA wishes

  • Noro needed more depth or characterisation

I love Noro! He was so sweet but he always seemed a bit distant, you never really get the emotional attachment that you got with other characters. I NEED MORE OF NORO I LOVE HIS GUTS

  • Another minor wish for me was more landscape detail!!

I love learning about new fictional worlds and everything that belongs there! I would’ve loved some information on animals which live there (Vaela didn’t encounter any except Joa) and major/minor points of interest in The Continent landscape could be described in more detail as too see the beauty of the world!

4 OUT OF 5 STARS = an absolutely lovely novel, I totally recommend!!

Thankyou for reading :))

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  • Cait @ Paper Fury

    Ooh I’m still not sure if I’ll ever read this one after it had to be rewritten/re-released and I’ve heard a lot of reviewers say it didn’t change much. 🙊But I do love the cover too!

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