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Books Every Fantasy Lover Should Read

Hello and Welcome!! 💗 Today I will be doing a little discussion piece on my favourite fantasy books or fantasy books that I feel like every fantasy lover/addict should read!! This is a collection of amazingly written and well constructed novels that are based around fantasy, AKA my favourite genre! A good fantasy book is always great to read!

Obviously, the first book that I will be recommending is The Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas. I mention this series in about 90% of my blog posts (sorry!) but there is a reason why I do it! It is fantastic! This series was written so beautifully and was so descriptive that I felt as though I was actually in the book!! I was inside Feyre’s head and I was so connected with the storyline and characters, it made the experience so awesome!! If you like badass, sassy and fiery woman, handsome fae lords and plot twists, this fantasy novel is a must for you!

I only just read this series last week but, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black was fantastic. I read both of these books in matter of four days and I loved every second of it. I did a review on The Cruel Prince recently and I am currently writing a review for The Wicked King which showcases all my love and thoughts on these books!! Although some characters were annoying and problematic, overall the plot was thrilling and the twists and turns in this fae world really left me wanting more!! (I cannot wait for Queen of Nothing to be released!!)

Although I mostly crave fae-related fantasy novels, Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth was an amazing fantasy/sci-fi read. Carve The Mark was such an unique and different read which made it seem as though it was a breath of fresh air when I was reading it last year. I haven’t read the second book of the series yet but it is currently on my Wishlist! If you like divided individuals coming together, royalty and others joining forces, this book is such a great example of that and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Wow, okay, the next book I will push down your throat to read it. Song of The Current by Sarah Tolcser is freaking AWESOME. This duology is literally the reason I started writing fantasy and the way Sarahwrites is so beautiful and well thought of. It is another different read but pirate girls? royal boys? A BEAUTIFUL MIX. I cried so many times in this book, the plot and overall story is just such an interesting idea and the characters were constructed so well, I fell in love with each and every character. If you love beautiful writing, gods, adventures and pirates this is perfect for your next read. 

Basically, The Harry Potter series by JK Rowlingis a must read in the fantasy genre. It is childhood love of mine and I loved reading the series as the magic just seeped through the pages. Although there are some controversial issues within the series, this is such a great read for some light fantasy, unlike my other recommend books which are all high-fantasy, new world books!! Do wizards, secret schools and troublemaking appeal to you? READ THIS SERIES!! (trust me, its better and so so different to the movies!)

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi is thrilling and is such a great representation of the issues we have faced within the real world. Tomi represent so much issues within our society within this book and so it really grips and connects you with the story. The magic is this story is so intriguing and the characters are each so unique and different which was amazing to read!! Fantasy involving banned magic and royalty? Hell yes!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you feel compelled to read at least one of these books as they have all been major points in my reading journey and I think you will enjoy them.

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Have you read any of these must-read fantasy books? Do you have any fantasy books you would like to recommend? Leave a comment below, even link your own fantasy related reviews or blog posts so I can check them out!!


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