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Books I Will Probably Never Read: a tag

Hello my fellow bookish lovers! ✨ I recently saw this tag on TheBookishUnderDogs blog and thought I should jump into this tag!! I’m basically a really picky reader and I am kinda in a book slump (again) so I thought this book tag would be amazing to do!! I would also love for you guys to join and comment your experiences with books you will most likely NEVER read.

(The original creator of this tag is LittleSpider9 on youtube!)

A Really Hyped book you’re not interested in reading

Six of Crows !! Unfortunately I have tried to read this book twice and just couldn’t connect with the writing or characters so I’m not actually interested in reading it anymore which kind of sucks considering it was praised and hyped so much!

A series you won’t be starting/won’t be finishing

The Shadowhunter series ! I read the first two books and thought they were alright but I don’t think I am interested in reading the rest (even though my friend tells me she loves them and that I have to read them). They just don’t really appeal to me 🙊

A classic you’re just not that interested in

I haven’t read any classics (unless Romeo and Juliet counts??). They don’t really fit my typical genre of reading and I don’t think I would enjoy them that much.

Any genres you never read?

Non Fiction and Romance. I really do love romance in a novel but I am not too keen on the idea that the whole plot of a book is romance orientated, I prefer action or adventure to be the main plot of a book! Also, non fiction just isn’t that fun to read unless I need too for university work!

A book on your shelves you will probably never read?

The 100, Crimson Lake and FirstLife are the ones that come to my head straightaway, they just don’t seem that interesting. Might have to unhaul some books soon!!

Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts on these questions!! If you enjoyed this tag, check out my bookish tag section for more!

Have a great day/night!!

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