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How To Request and Receive an Advanced Reader Copy

Hello my fellow book nerd, reviewers and bloggers!! As a book blogger, booktuber or bookstagrammer, you may be wondering, “How can I receive an Advanced Reader Copy of a book I love?”

Today I will be doing a post that will hopefully help a lot of you!! I have helped a couple people send their first ARC request so I help I can help you too!

What is an ARC?

Basically, an ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy of a book. This means you receive this book (either in print or in ebook form) before the publication date in order to build hype, promote and review the book. ARC’s can be unfinished/unedited copies of books, this means that there WILL be some errors, such as spelling and such, so don’t be so harsh on these aspects when reviewing the book.

If you have an address shown on any of your blogging platforms or you have joined publicity programs, you may receive unsolicited ARC’s. Unsolicited copies are books that have been sent without asking first, meaning you are not obligated to review them.

I am also covering this topic on my BookTube, SlothReading!! So if you prefer a video version of this, it is being published on the 31st of March!!

Where can I get an ARC?

So you want to receive an ARC! Great! There are so so so many places you can request and search for review copies of novels. Ways to request these are through direct contact, online programs, blog tours or publicity catalogues (signing up to receive publicity emails).

Direct Contact

My favourite method to requesting review copies is to directly contact authors or publishing houses. Honestly, showing your interest and going out of your way to email the publisher is a great way to do it!

When emailing the author or a publishing you need to include the book details, your details and your media kit. WHAT THE HOLY HECK IS A MEDIA KIT you ask?


Media Kit

Basically, a media kit is kind of like a resume in a way. A media kit is a couple paragraphs showcasing your social media handles and it provides the basis on whether you will be a good promotion tool for this particular novel. It is your chance to show brands, publishing companies and authors why they should choose YOU to promote/review books, ARC’s or products. It needs to be professional and it needs to fully showcase what you have to offer.

Your media kit needs to include:

  • your followers for each social media handle/blog
  • your posting schedule on ALL your platforms 
  • your engagement rate (use Instagram Insights or your blog analytics)
  • your blog reach
  • links to these handles/platforms
  • your contact information
  • and lastly, any other collaborations you have done (merchandise shops, other publishing companies)

It is also best to include links to your two or three most recent book reviews so that the person you are contacting can see your review style and decide if it is something they would like for the book you are requesting. With this method of requesting, you might not receive the book and might not even get a reply! But thats okay, just keep trying and building your blog and you are more likely to get a response!

Online Programs

Another way to request advanced reader copies is through online programs. I feel like most ARC online programs only deliver Ebook copies so if you are more of a paperback/hard copy reader like me, these probably aren’t the best for you!! These programs need you to make an account and from there you link your blog/reviewing platform and then you can start pressing requesting titles from their website.

Programs like this include:

  • LibraryThing (not really a fan of this one but it works for some people!)                                                                                    
  • Netgallery (I really like this one! Very easy to use!)

Blog Tours

















Blog tours are essentially receiving book copies in exchange for reviewing the book at a specific time and promoting the book a whole lot!! Blog tours can also include giveaways and cover reveals! I have never done a blog tour but think it is such cool promotion strategy for authors!!




and there you have it!! I hope this post helps you to start requesting ARC’s, it’s honestly so awesome, who doesn’t want free books?? It is such an amazing opportunity for bloggers and authors!

Just a note: after you have requested and received your book, make sure you actually do the review you promised!! This is ESSENTIAL, otherwise you will become known and WILL be called out. It is super unprofessional and makes you really unlikeable!




how to request and receive advanced reader copies - slothreadingThankyou for reading and I hoped I helped! Please leave any questions in the comments!

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