How To Start a Book Blog

The most common bookstagram question is, should I start a book blog?

The answer to that is, DEFINTELY!! I 1010% recommend book blogging, author blogging and basically any type of blogging!!

Honestly, starting a bookish blog has changed me so much and in such an awesome way, I would recommend it to anyone that asks. Another question people ask is, why should I start blogging? What is the point??

Firstly, the community is literally the BEST thing ever. The bees knees. Once you start blogging you start to realise that nearly every book blogger/instagrammer is super supportive and chatty, so it’s such great way to meet like minded friends and build a support system for yourself!

Secondly, your opinion and thoughts are important and what better way to share them? Love a bookish merch store? Write about them! Review their products so other people can find them and love their products too! Absolutely love a book series but hate the film adaption? People would LOVE to hear why! You can literally express anything and it’s so freeing and empowering to write about your thoughts!!

Now the last question people ask is, how the HECK am I supposed to start a book blog? Simple, I’ll show you how in this post!!


Obviously, you have to choose a brand name to be known as!! (Mine is slothreading. This is for my blog, instagram, twitter AND Goodreads!)
  • When creating and designing your name, it is important to have something similar for each of your social handles!
  • It should be something related to your niche (book related perhaps!)
  • The name should be easy to remember/read so your followers find it easy and know it is YOU!

Next, you need to find a platform best suited for you to blog on!! When I started blogging I used the free platform,, which is amazing! Super easy to understand and learn (and its free!). The only downside is the limited features, such as the inability to have plugins and such.

I definitely recommend free hosting platforms like this as a beginner (,, but once you have established your brand and blog, upgrading to a paid self-hosted platform like is awesome! This allows you complete control and flexibility of your site AND you can have your own domain name and download cool plugins to maximise the reader accessibility!

Choose a theme that represents YOU. A nice colour scheme goes a long way!! Readers and subscribers love an easy to look at and appealing website. I love pastels and muted colours on my blog but choose a scheme that suits and shows your personality!

Also make sure that the theme/widgets are easy to use and don’t clog up the screen as clogging and difficult websites drive readers away!

Creating a logo is essential. A catchy line and your brand name in pretty colours is always a good way to go! This helps your readers recognise you!

Next, create an interesting and engaging ‘about page’. Simply click on create a new page and title it About Me! This is where you discuss why you made your blog, who it is aimed at and why you want to blog. This is also where you introduce yourself. If this page is appealing and truly shows your personality, it really grabs readers and transforms them into recurring subscribers!

If you plan on doing book reviews, creating a Review Policy page is a great idea. A review policy states what you will and will not review and what authors and publishers must do in order for you to review their books and this can also include your email/contacts so they can talk with you further!

Write your first few posts! A review? A bookish discussion? A book tag? Post one of these and schedule the next few in order to create a content calendar or posting schedule your readers can look out for!!

When writing your first review, make sure you establish a rating system if you are going to be rating books. This creates a basis of what your ratings mean in terms of good and bad and those that you would recommend. It sets a scale for you readers to follow!

Lastly, GET INVOLVED WITH THE COMMUNITY. I cannot stress this enough. This is so so important and crucial to building a reliable support system and community. Like, comment and follow other bookish blogs and bookstagrammers to create bonds and increase your blog traffic and engagement!! I honestly wish I did this sooner as it helps create so many beautiful friendships!!

I hope this helps you in your blogging journey and feel free to ask any questions or request more blogging posts below!!


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