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How To Write an Amazing Book Review in 20 Minutes

Welcome back to my mini-series for book bloggers or book-related bloggers!! 

So you want to write a book review? 

When I first started writing reviews, they were terrible. I didn’t really talk ABOUT the book and more so just talked about my feelings (which is okay, but if you want your review to be useful to shaping if someone reads a book, it isn’t the best strategy).

If you want to learn how to write awesome book reviews and not start like I did, you are in the right place! Although I am definitely not an expert, I have been doing reviews for quite a while and thought I could share some tips I have learned!!


Stating the title, author and genre are really important. Obviously, title and author are essential so that your readers know what book you are on about, but genre isn’t always included but I think it is really important! It tells your reader what the main focus of the book is so straight away they know if they would be interested or not!

When putting the title and author in, it is always a good idea to hyperlink these back to the books Goodreads page and the authors Goodreads page! It allows your readers to easily find the book and learn more about it and the author!

Another great idea for the start of your review, is to insert a small snippet of the Goodreads synopsis of the book. This is just another way of showing your readers what the book is.

Next, putting a picture of the book cover is important!! I usually put it on the right hand side of the page and the above details beside it on the left for a quick glance of what the book is about!

Like I have done with my The Wicked King review:

Now we are onto the actual reviewing part of your review!! This is where you write about your thoughts and feelings as well as writing about the story, characters and plot lines!!

Things you can and should include in your review:

  • Write how it felt reading the book, was it a good experience?
    • Why did you feel these things
  • Have you read any of the authors other work?
    • Yes? which book was better?
    • No? how come?
  • Did you fall in love with the characters?
    • Why/why not?
    • How was the character development?
    • Favourite ships?
    • Write about the relationships you like/didn’t like
  • Were there any plot holes you were confused about?
    • How can these be improved?
    • What was confusing?
  • How did the ending make you feel?
  • How did the whole plot make you feel?
  • What was your favourite scenes?
  • Did you enjoy or see the overall moral or metaphor within the story?
  • Would you read the authors next book?
    • Yes?
    • No? Why not?

When writing your review, DON’T SPOIL THE BOOK!! It is so frustrating when you read the ending of a novel in a review without any spoiler tags or warnings. If you are going to add spoilers, be sure to add a disclaimer at the top of your review!!

When writing book reviews, be honest but don’t over do it to the point of being mean!! There is literally NO need for that. It honestly makes the author feel unmotivated and possibly insecure in their writing which they previously found fun!!  

Lastly, make sure to include your rating. This is so so SO important within a book review. It shows your overall review of the book and how it ranks with the other books you have reviewed. Was it 5 stars? 2.5 stars? How come?

On another note, make sure to link your other posts and reviews within your review as well as linking the authors goodreads and the books goodreads. It increases your blogs optimisation and SEO.

Thank you SO much for reading and I hope this helps you and your book blogging and reviewing!! Comment below your reviews and I will check them out!


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