Mini Reviews: LifeLik3 and Song of The Current

Hey guys! I am back with two mini reviews! I am 110% recommending these to you, so let’s get pumped.

Mini reviews

LifeLik3 by Jay Kristoff was a fantastic book! I generally don’t read science fiction as I prefer fantasy but this book was just great! It captivated me from the start and there was so many plot twist, it had such a great plot. Although I did spot one spelling mistake haha everything else I enjoyed.

The imagery in this book was so realistic and it made me visualise the setting so vividly. I absolutely love when I get a feel of the background and setting as it allows me to connect more to the characters and the setting, making me just completely fall in love with the story! Jay also added so much descriptions that it felt like while I was reading I had a little movie going on in my head which was so GREAT.

I also really loved the characters and the backstory for each one just molded the story to be so realistic and important, which I really appreciated.

Song of The Current by Sarah Tolcser has been my favourite read of the year by far. It is now my second favourite book (after ACOMAF of course) which is super weird as I have never had multiple favourite books before. This book helped me a lot with the development of my own WIP which made me connect with it so much more! It opened my eyes to writing characterisation and the history/worldbuilding.

The character development in this book was really good and Sarah did a great job in making me emotionally connected with each and every character. (I am pretty sure I cried at one point)

I also hate insta-love situations so Sarah did a great job at building romance within the book. (I LOVED MARKOS SO MUCH) *fangirls*

One of my favourite characters would have to be Fee as she was so kind and gentle and I just connected with her and her cute way of communicating. I just loved her ok.

Sorry that this was a short post but I am kind of sick right now so I am trying my best! If you have read either of these books feel free to start a chat with me! I would love to talk about them! :))

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