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Hey guys! I thought I would mix it up a bit and make today’s post a book tag thing. This tag is briefly based on Children of Blood and Bone and the Maji clans involved! Although I wasn’t tagged to do this, I saw this tag originally on WrittenWordWorlds and I thought it’d be perfect to do!

Doing a CoBaB tag was such a perfect idea because I just finished the book and IT WAS A FANTASTIC BOOK (seriously, go check this beauty out!)

Anywho I’ll just get into it!


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What’s a trope you’d love to see die, and one you’d love to see live, or flourish more often?

  • Okay don’t get me started on this but I HATE when characters fall in love too quickly, it isn’t realistic and just makes it sound like amateur writing – like it doesn’t take a day to fall in love so why do people write about it like that?
  • So a trope I absolutely love is kinda same to what i just said – I’d love to see more realistic love – when love needs to be built, when it needs to be fought for. It just builds such a creative story line and the realism enables me to build a great connection with the novel and the characters.

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What do you immediately connect with when it comes to a book?

  • I definitely connect with books that are realistic! I know I know, you’re probably thinking what about fantasy? Well, by realistic I mean, the love or romance is built up realistically (doesn’t happen in a day), if there is a war people you love die and that’s just how war goes. I hate when authors sugar coat real life topics so realistic books always grab my attention quickly.

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If you could push a book on someone, what would you immediately recommend?

  • Ummm, is this even a question? A COURT OF MIST AND FURY but obviously they have to read A Court of Thorns and Roses first to truly love this book. It is my all-time favourite book and I have read it twice and annotated most of it. At the moment I don’t have my copy because my friend has been reading it for maybe over 6 months now (probably longer to be honest) but I am nagging her to finish so I can re-read it again (definitely not sorry, I love it so much).

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If your house was on fire and you could only save one book, what would it be?

It would have to be my hardcover copy of A Court of Mist and Fury because it is 1) my favourite book and 2) my friend has my lovely annotated copy so it is already safe (ha ha I beat the system) But I also have an original set of the Narnia books so that would most likely be shoved in a bag and taken as well no matter what. This makes me really sad though because I’d hate to leave ALL my other books, they are just so precious.

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What’s a book that had you floating on air out of happiness?

  • It would have to be any Stephanie Perkins books (especially Anna and the French Kiss) because they make so happy on the inside and they give me faith in the world! They are just so cute and no matter what they always make me smile with their cheesiness and cute cliques.

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A book that’s made an impact (on you, or the world)?

  • Can I do a poetry book? Oh well I will anyways. The Poetry books my Rupi Kaur definitely widened my eyes to the world. Reading them gave me a wider sense of what is happening and how people feel throughout personal situations. I nearly cried in some of her poems and they just hit me real hard, I would definitely recommend these to anyone but they are quite graphic so be warned!

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What are your favourite morally grey characters, who do you love that walks between darkness and light?

  • I actually don’t have an answer to this so feel free to answer for me in the comments (I am actually so boring sorry guys)

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Which book had a plot twist you DID NOT SEE COMING and it made you sick with feels?

  • Oh my lord, all I am going to say is ALLEGIANT KILLED ME IMMENSELY AND OMG. Be warned if you read the divergent series – it will kill you.

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Name your most anticipated releases for 2018!

  • Mine was actually A Court of Frost and Starlight but I haven’t read it yet as I have seen so many bad reviews and I want this book to be awesome and ALSO because I don’t want to wait until May next year for another book. Sooo I am kind of just holding it back as far as I can *cries at the year long wait*.

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Your favourite underrated or side character?

  • Probably Amari in CoBaB! She was so precious at the start but developed into such a strong woman and I AM SO PROUD OF HER.

Thanks so much for reading this book tag thing and feel free to tag yourself! (Btw these graphics are from the blog I mentioned before, she said they can be used for the tag – just credit her :)) I also just posted a review earlier for Children of Blood and Bone so please go and check it out (it’s spoiler-free) (I hope).

Comment below if you are doing the tag!

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