Review Policy

I’d like to start by saying thank you for having a look at my policies!

I don’t accept ebooks but I do accept paperback and hardcover copies! I can guarantee that your book will be featured but cannot guarantee 100% review rate if you sent the book without asking!

Genres I Like: Genres I accept include young adult or new adult, fantasy, contemporary, historical fiction and science fiction. I also would love to branch out into graphic novels and poetry!! (Please NO non-fiction or horror!!)

Series: I do not read series out of order. If you ask me to read a book in a series, I ask that you provide copies of any preceding books.

Unsolicited Books: I am very open to receiving unsolicited books that meet my review requirements. I don’t promise to read or review unsolicited books, but I do include them in my Instagram photos and story.

Blog Tours (and other promotional content): I haven’t participated in blog tours before and I rarely participate in programs that require a review in exchange for a book but I’d love to branch out into these too! Just email me!

If you would like media statistics please email asking for them!

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