Review: Assassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers


Publication Date: 2nd February 2016

Genre: Fantasy

I received this lovely book for my birthday and couldn’t be happier! Although my birthday was in March, I only just got out of the book slump in late April with a big thanks to this novel!!

I really enjoyed this book and I really need to buy the other two books as soon as possible. I am in love with this world (and all the characters included in it – ESPECIALLY LES) This book was the perfect blend of fantasy and I felt really connected with the characters, it felt like I was actually joining them throughout their adventure!

But let’s just get into the review!

what i loved

  • I really really loved Lea’s character development and how she changes to adapt to the new eye-opener of a world. The way her character changed definitely made me connect with her, especially when she went through her roughest times after the incident.
  • I JUST LOVE LES IN GENERAL GUYS – he is a one of a kind soul and needs to be treated with upmost care. I loved him so much and his way of looking at the world definitely enabled me to love this world even more.
  • THE ENDING WAS GREAT, it made my heart burst and I just really need to buy the other books so I can survive.
  • Also, whoever designed the cover of my copy was an absolute genius, it was so GORGEOUS

what killed me

    • (I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t name names but…) THE BETRAYAL OF SOME CHARACTERS MADE ME SO DAMN UPSET HOLY HECK – aka the reason my heart either burst or shrivelled
    • The lack of support of some characters – especially for their own family – killed me immensely


I really loved this book overall (obviously) and I need to go to dymocks or QBD so I can buy these books (I’m actually so poor right now) I 110% recommend this novel for anyone who loved Throne of Glass or anyone who enjoys assassin stories similar to that!

I would definitely give this book – 5/5 STARS for it’s pure awesomeness and lovability!

Thankyou for reading!! Tell me if you enjoyed this book or you are planning to read it below!

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